Pegged Waist
Unusually, the Saint Crispin’s shoe has a sole that is hand stitched through the forefoot, but which stops at the waist. From here the extremely firm sole has a series of wooden pegs, keeping the sole as narrow as possible, giving it the beautiful, arching spade waist seen above.

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Kiss the lips of a black rose and you will die a horrible death.

Y’all stunt with watches but I dress my wrist with shit that means a lot to me.

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The truth behind dry cleaning…


After repeated questions from fans and customers, where to buy the best materials in order to make optimal care of the shoes, Alexander Nurulaeff has decided to share his secrets with one lucky winner, making an absolutely unique and unrepeatable Auction. For the first time you can buy the legendary Equipment of the greatest Master of shoe care, Alexander Nurulaeff. These are the best brushes, creams and other shoe care accessories ever; they’re the result of years of research and testing of all the best products in the world. The set contains:
1 a leather briefcase with autograph and dedication of Alexander Nurulaeff
2 a stiff brush to remove dirt from the uppers and soles
3 a large horsehair brush for extra long-lasting polishing
4 an extra soft goat hair brush, entirely hand made, limited edition (for a final polishing or buffing daily maintenance. Gives a final gloss unmatched by any ‘other brush).
5 a set of 8 other brushes of various shapes and sizes perfectly suitable for spreading creams and polishes on every part of the shoe
6 Dandy Shoe Care extreme cleanser for a deep cleansing and exceptional leather nutrition. Your footwear will look brand new.
7-8-9 boxes of shiny black, brown, neutral, Dandy Shoe Care for a unique ‘mirror effect’ polishing
10 four pieces of linen, cashmere, cotton, fine cotton for a perfect polishing.
11 a cult item: the pump for precision dosing of liquids (water, champagne, or whatever)
12 a leather pad to be used as a work surface, autographed by Alexander Nurulaeff and. Dandy Shoe Care coat of arms  
All of these high quality products have been used personally by Master Alexander Nurulaeff in several Dandy Shoe Care Missions in Italy and foreign countries, as well as in his daily work. Their functionality and efficiency makes them truly indispensable to provide customers with the Dandy Shoe Care polishing results that are second to none.
With this equipment you will have everything you need for a Top Shoe care level.
Do not waste your money buying shoe cleaning kits with a famous name, which contain trivial brushes and creams, or brush-covered horn, just beautiful to see. Dandy Shoe Care’s are professional equipment, created to obtain a unique polishing.
If you want the best thing money can buy, please don’t miss this auction.
With such a top level professional tools you can also open a polishing studio yourself!

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